Therapeutic Business Coaching for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

A mastermind for busy, successful entrepreneurs who need to find more ease in life and in business.


You are drowning

You know how to take action and take more action but the thought of slowing down, of finding space and breath, terrifies you. You want to make more money but you don't have the time to do all the things and take care of all the people in your life. 

This is what you see others doing, the keeping busy, the pushing, and the hustling. But your body, your relationships and your reflection in the mirror keep telling you to stop. But how do you stop without losing?

It's Time To Go Deeper 

Build a better Business and a Better life.


Slow Down

You will be with a small group of other business owners and entrepreneurs. Taking just 2 hours a month out of your schedule to connect, be seen and slow down all of your doing and move into more being. Shift your pacing to one that is healthier for you and your business.



Integrating the Calibration Course, you and your fellow masterminders will be focused on making small shifts that make a big outcome in their their lives and business. Start making decisions with more intention and clarity. Calibration to confidence is the new path.



You are here to learn about what you do best and do only that. Your values will be reflected in your work and in your relationships. This is a group for people who not only want a better business but want to be better humans. All the rest, it's time to let go of that stuff.

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Breathe…I’ve got you


As a former psychotherapist and business coach, I'll be your guide, leading you and the others along the path of discovery. I will be giving you the tools you need to start making better business and life decisions. In my coaching, masterminds and courses, the objective has been to increase profits BUT always done with the whole person in mind.

This mastermind exists to shift the definition of entrepreneurship from one of hustle and exhaustion, to becoming a better person who is healthy and whole. I’ve been running group coaching and masterminds for years. I've helped thousands of business owners just like you. Let's do this!


  • Meet every other Tuesday (twice a month) from 8 am to 9 am PST.


  • Alternate hot-seat format led by Kelly each meeting

  • Limited to 8 members maximum


  • Online facebook group so members can continue support and engagement


Investment: $499/MO for 6 months

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