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Hey, This is Kelly, and this is my perfect day.

Tell me, when will things get easier for you?  

Once you launch that course? Increase your sales?  Find an abundant source of ideal clients? Finally, organize *that* closet?


Because let me tell you, all the ‘busy’ in the world will never be enough.

Your business won’t blow up if you work a little A LOT less.

I want you to take a deep breath and imagine a life (and business) where you can...

 ●      Take off days, weeks, or even months off at a time and STILL stay at the top of your game. Trust me your bank account will be jazzed.

●      Go to all the happy hours, dance recitals, birthday parties, and candlelight dinners you desire. Trust me your relationships will flourish.

●      Hold space to dream bigger, set goals, and execute your full vision. Trust me. Your employees will thank you.

It’s possible. Ready to learn how?

Join me for this FREE VIDEO where I peel back the curtain and share exactly how I work 20-ish hour weeks, take 3 months off at a time, and still serve an industry leader!

 You are more than the hustle + grind.

Ready to create space WHILE you skyrocket?

So what is this thing?

I didn’t want to create some surface level, work-life balance fluff.  So I’m showing you what a typical, average day looks like (and yes, it includes laundry, picking up my kid from school and still serving my clients)  We’ll walk step-by-step through what I like to call my perfectly average day

You’ll be with me from when I wake up (groggy and makeup-free) to when I go to bed (don’t worry I won’t make you watch me sleep. That would be creepy).

We’re getting REAL in this video so get ready.  This isn’t some fancy, scripted, perfectly staged video. Nope! I booked the videographer when they were available, didn't change my plans for that day, and let the chips fall where they may! No make up, no lighting, no outfit changes. 

You get to see my real life in all it’s vulnerable glory!

Plus, you’ll get access to my business audit to discover where you can start making changes to get to your perfectly average day too.


●      How I integrate the 8 Areas of Wellness in my business.

●      My simple system to get the most out of my planning and reflection time.

●      How I set goals and growth around my lifestyle, not the other way around

●      The systems and calendars I use to take 3 months off a year.

●      The best strategies I use to break free from our culture's addiction to work! (While actually being MORE productive.)  

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 Hi, I'm Kelly, and I am a recovering workaholic.


As a psychotherapist formerly in private practice, the importance of self-care on the mind, body, and spirit should be a no-brainer

And yet! Seven years ago I found myself in the hospital after a particularly intense week of work that culminated in a cluster of migraines that quite literally paralyzed half my face. (Oh, and I was also pregnant -- no biggie.)  

I knew my work and stress-levels weren’t sustainable -- for me OR my growing family.

So it became a game to see how much time I could take off and how I could reduce my stress. Because newsflash, I started my business to have fun and ENJOY my life more!

Okay, I'm going to work one day less this week. What if I took two weeks vacation? Could we make a month-long road trip? How about two months off? Three?

I wanted to see just how condensed I could get my schedule and guess what? Once I did, my business didn’t burn down -- it FLOURISHED.

Today, I work 20-ish hour weeks and take 3 months off every year. This schedule is NOT for everyone, but it works perfectly for me and creates the balance I need.

And now I want to help you simplify your business in a way that serves YOU.  

A rich life includes so much more than your gross revenue. I'm here to help you define and create a thriving business and magical life that you deserve.
It’s time to exhale.
Slow down.
Do what’s sustainable.
Refine what’s profitable.
And put yourself back at the top of your priorities.


Ready screw the ‘shoulds’ and welcome the ‘possibilities’?