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Business Consultation for Entrepreneurs so they can take their life back and get the results they want.

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Change starts with you.

Every time you try to grow, something suffers. As a leader and an entrepreneur, you are starting to recognize that your business and your life are really tied together. You've been able to tolerate it up until now. How do you expand and build without the stress and heartache? How do you do it in a way that is right for you?  Business and life can work in harmony but that ease has to come from within. This is business consulting that works from the inside out.

Growth made simple.




Get support every step of the way. Weekly office hours, monthly coaching sessions, and email support.



Experience change in your business and your in your life. All business consultation keeps you and your life in mind.



Redefine success and happiness. You will learn to course correct your actions so you get their faster and with more ease.

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As a psychotherapist formerly in private practice, the importance of self-care on mind, body, and spirit has been hammered into my psyche.


And yet there I was, staring in disbelief at my paralyzed face in the hospital mirror after a particularly intense week of work, and I was pregnant about to launch my first online course while also running my other business. My workaholism had caught up to me, culminating in a cluster of migraines that quite literally stopped me in my tracks.

It was both a slap in the face and a wake-up call. Something had to change.

My drive to be successful, to prove my worth to myself and others, was both a blessing and a curse. Because despite the success I was creating, I was miserable and now paralyzed to boot. Not exactly the stuff of entrepreneurial dreams.

Stress is a double-edged sword. It’s both a requirement for growth, but can literally be a killer if not managed properly. I’ve experienced this myself and seen in my clients that light bulb moment when they realize they can craft both a business and life that works for them, with balance and ease. 

You hear the call of working smarter and more strategically without sacrificing your health, family, and/or interests. You've got clutter, business clutter, relationship clutter, and even actual physical clutter around you.

I help you simplify.

We take a minimalist approach to your business and your life. Keep what is working and what brings you joy then throw out or revamp the other stuff. I help with systems. I help with workflow. I help with staff relationship issues. I help with time management. I help with sales processes. I help with the internal stuff that keeps you stuck at where you are right now.

A rich life includes so much more than gross revenue. I’m here to help you define and create the thriving business and rich life that you deserve. 

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