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Business Strategy and LIfestyle Design for Entrepreneurs



The number of things filling your calendar, stuffing your schedule, and floating around your head on any given day.

amiright? Look, you are NOT a typical business owner. You’re a disruptor. You’re an innovator. You might even be a bit of a rebel. You care deeply about building products and services that change lives. And you know what? You’re damn good at it. I mean, how else did you build this busy business of yours, hmmmm...?

But as your business grows so does something else...


Work has taken over YOUR WHOLE LIFE. Date nights out with your partner? Nope. You’re fiddling with your marketing plan. Road trips with the fam? Whatever, you have too many projects on your plate. Alone time not working on a Friday afternoon? Haha...funny. Those leads won’t call themselves!

You’re so exhausted at the end of the day you don’t have the energy to pick a show on Netflix let alone make dinner, play [Splendor, pie face, (this could be a long list)] with the fam, or spend quality time with your partner! And the worst part? As your success consumes your energy, it breeds even more anxiety.

You know this isn’t sustainable, you’re verging on burn out -- but what else can you do? If you quit the hustle your business will burn-to-the-ground, right?

Want to know a secret?

When you learn how to create space, your business (and life) get BETTER.

Nope, it’s not magic. (It’s actually science) Read on to learn more.

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Let’s Calibrate Your Business + Life*

*Really, there’s no separation between business and life -- it’s all life. So let’s deal with both so you can enjoy them both!


Focus on What Matters

You’ve heard the phrase ‘work smarter - not harder.’ Who hasn’t. But us overachiever types usually translate that to just working harder. ::womp womp::

Starting now, make time for what matters most and implement strategies to shrink your time in the office and expand your time in life.

Psst. You could cut your work week in HALF



Myth: If you're not grinding your gears 25 hours a day your business will implode.

Truth: When you calibrate you’ll discover more income in your current revenue streams AND have the mental space to foster new innovative services and products.

Plus, you'll be more open to receiving that next big client or gig!


Enjoy What You’ve Created

We are multifaceted people who crave multifaceted lives! Create space for passions, adventures, and time with your loved ones. Feel more present, connected, joyful, and creative than ever before.

Enjoying the life, you set out to create through entrepreneurship?

What a novel concept.

Yep, this will even work for YOUR kind of business

I’ve helped thousands of business owners find massive growth without all the stress.

  • Online Retailers

  • Non-profits

  • Health and Wellness Professionals

  • Service Based Businesses

  • Medical Practices

  • Attorneys

  • Solopreneurs

  • Mental Health Practices

Not on the list? Don’t worry. Apply for a call and let’s see how I can help!

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It's Simple



Get support through freebies, consultation, masterminds, and training from a fellow recovering workaholic (me) who has been there and helped many others just like you.



No need to bulldoze everything. Learn how to make small, simple changes in all areas of your life. Keep what works and brings you joy and ditch the rest!



Experience the impact of your efforts as you grow your profits and take pride in the life you are creating. Do more of what you love and spend more time with those who love you!

Systems. Workflow. Staff Relationship Issues. Time Management. Sales Processes. And All That Ooey Gooey Self-Work!


Hi, I'm Kelly! (Nice to meet you!)

I’m a former private-practice psychotherapist, current business and lifestyle coach, and a recovering workaholic. Yep, not too long ago I was right where you are now and it landed me in the ER. That was my wake up call.

So, I kept systematically chipping away at my schedule until I was working 20-ish hour weeks and taking 3 months off every year. And guess what happened? My business actually GREW. I get to spend ALL the time I want with my beautiful family, and travel whenever the hell I want.


Stress almost killed me. But space saved my life.

Now, it's my mission to help other overworked and stressed-out business owners (like you) simplify their schedules and finally enjoy the life they've worked so hard to create. Because I believe that we are all working TOO HARD -- it's not good for your health, sanity, relationships, business, or the world.

Sure, maybe 3 months off isn't your goal, and that’s ok. My 1:1 coaching programs, masterminds, and courses were all created to help you generate more by doing less in a way that uniquely serves YOU. There’s so much more to life than the grind.

Ready to see what’s possible?

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I understand the demands of balancing entrepreneurship with a family and others who rely on you -- which is why I’ve helped thousands of business owners (just like you) create the space they need.

Wanna hear a few of their stories?

(Of course you do.)


Gratefulness and service go hand-in-hand with success! I'm a big believer in giving back, and I'd love for you to join me! When you invest in your business here, you are also investing in the lives of others. How beautiful is that? Below are a few of the current charities that receive support because of you!